By Episode and Character - Lynn "Buck" Compton in The Breaking Point - 13/?



Band of Brothers - Replacements, Episode 4


Probably my favorite cameo appearance in anything.


By Episode and Character - Denver "Bull" Randleman in Replacements - 12/?

make me choose — band of brothers or the pacific?
for emoirous

"I didn’t cry after learning Skip Muck was dead. that would come later. Much later. Not that it didn’t hurt. Hell, I’d never felt pain so deep. He was like my brother. No, closer than my brother. But by January 9, when he’d died in a shelling about one hundred yards east of where I was, I was too mentally numb to really react. Too tired. I didn’t sleep a wink for two nights after Roe broke the news to me. And after seeing Toye and Guarnere carted off, and Compton leaving, it was like dumping ice on a guy who was already frozen stiff."

- Don Malarkey (via lallysbroch)


only accept someone who would attempt to drag you to safety after getting your leg blown off and lose theirs in the process as your friend


Band Of Brothers + Colors for dollydagger87


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